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by The Broken Hearts

We've been to a few amazing events recently that we thought we should share with you, as they're well worth checking out:


We were really excited to get the chance to visit 22 Portsea Place for the launch of the new book '70s Style and Design' by Kirsty Hislop and Domenic Lutyens.


The house is an incredible part art gallery/part private townhouse, which the current owner inherited from the Kardo Sessoeffs who dedicated their lives to collecting works of art. It is packed full of their collection of over 3,000 paintings and sculptures, and still looks like a private home. We even popped our heads into a room upstairs which turned out to be a perfectly preserved 1970s bathroom, complete with aubergine coloured bathroom suite!


It was an ideal location for the launch of '70s Style and Design', and the great and the good of the 1970s design scene were all there, including Andrew Logan and Zandra Rhodes who, it turns out, is our hair triplet!



The book itself is fantastic, and would make a great Christmas present for anyone who is interested in that period. You can buy it here.


We also visited the Art Barter exhibition on Heneage Street, where our friend Adham Faramawy was showing an artwork:


The fantastic Bishi was also there to support Adham


Art Barter is really interesting because anyone can bid for the art, as long as they offer anything EXCEPT money! The winning bids are then chosen by the artists themselves, so are completely random. What could you offer artists like Tracy Emin, Gavin Turk or Adham?? Get thinking! And then check the Art Barter website for details of how to place your bid and win yourself some art!


Guess who ended up illustrating Vogue.com's coverage of the exhibition…?! We're just saying! You can see us here


Great news for any fans of the circus: La Clique is back in town!! Although you were probably well aware of that as there's been no escaping the advertising (featuring our friend, Marawa the Amazing) recently:


We managed to bag ourselves a couple of tickets to the show at the Roundhouse and, as always, were wowed by the incredible performers. Marawa has a brilliant new act where she hoola hoops in mid air in a shower of glitter!
We are so jealous of her new skin tight, wet-look leopard print jumpsuit:
The other acts included the raddled diva Meow Meow:


As well as the ridiculously charismatic Mario Queen of the Circus:


We went for some food with the performers afterwards, including an off duty Mario (AKA Clarke)!



And Marawa, who was wearing our Broken Hearts for Beyond the Valley blouse:


If you haven't seen La Clique yet, or even if you have, book tickets NOW! We can guarantee you won't be disappointed! You can book here, and we particularly recommend that you book for the New Years Eve party as you might just see us there!
Lastly but definitely most Christmas-ly, was the show "A Festive Happening (which may or may not be relevant to your own religious beliefs)" at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, featuring 4 of our all time favourite performers: Scottee, Jonny Woo and Bourgeois & Maurice!
With that line-up it was always bound to be a huge success, and unsurprisingly, it was excellent! Our highlights were:
Jonny Woo and Scottee performing some speed-of-light clothes changing stunts:
The Christmas jumpers!
And Bourgeois and Maurice singing a special Christmas song called "Santa is a Terrorist"!
You don't get much more festive than that!
Happy Christmas from the Broken Hearts x

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