Broken Hearts Style Diary: Fire and Knives Mixed Grill

Food for thought at the Fire and Knives Mixed Grill

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by The Broken Hearts

Yum Cha-Cha has arrived!

'But what is Yum Cha-Cha?' We hear you cry. It's a collective of performers who love their food! We got together over dinner with friends Marawa the Amazing, Piff the Magic Dragon and Fabulous Russella, and eventually Yum Cha-Cha: The Culinary Cabaret was born. We showcased our new venture at the amazing Mixed Gril event, courtesy of Fire and Knives food quarterly at the beautiful Conway Hall last weekend. 



Marawa debuted her jaw-dropping Fruit Salad of Death, Russella cooked a pancake while lip synching to the mighty Christina Aguilera and Piff turned a balloon into an ACTUAL EGG! Amazing. And of course we provided the mouth-watering soundtrack. What to wear to such a gourmet event? Here goes!


Luckily we got in touch with our friends at Lazy Oaf who provided us with these adorable fries bags, along with the tuxedo T-shirt dresses that perfectly match our Piers Atkinson cherry headbands. Delicious, even if we do say so ourselves.



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