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Chelsea Arts Club Circus Freaks Ball

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by The Broken Hearts

On Saturday we DJed at the fantastic Chelsea Arts Club's annual Summer Ball. Each ball has a different theme, and this year it was "Circus Freaks"! Right up our street! 

The club had been turned into a big top for the night, with spectacular acts like the Circus of HorrorsMarawa the Amazing and Bret Pfister who performed his gravity-defying aerial act to our very own track "Black Cat"! It was a pretty special event, as it's obviously not every night that you get to see a naked unicyclist, a midget stapling playing cards to his face or an entire troupe of inflatable silver Oompa Loompas! 

How to dress for an occasion like this? Let us tell you!

We wore amazing two-tone dresses which were made for us by the brilliant designer Amechi.

As well as ruffs made for us by our friend's dad who is a part time Elizabethan enthusiast, and Pierrot hats which we managed to make ourselves!

And, of course, our trusty 'Three Strap Elevated' Vivienne Westwood shoes from the brilliant plastic shoe company Melissa

Perfectly freakish! x



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